Corsair Marine Trimarans

Corsair Marine Trailerable Trimarans are the best selling trimarans in the world. All Corsair models incorporate their exclusive easy to use folding system, which enables them to be easily trailered and stored. Helms Yacht Sales was one of the very first Corsair dealers in the United States, and over 20 years later we still find Corsair Trimarans absolutely thrilling. 

Advantages of a Corsair Trimaran: 

  • Trailerability: Corsairs can be trailered anywhere you want to go sailing. Set up and launch time is only about 30-45 minutes! Whether it's a trip down to the Sea of Cortez or a small lake down the street, you can do it.
  • Corsairs Sail Flat: No more healing or leaning over like a traditional monohull sailboat. The nets on the outer hulls are also an amazing seat while sailing. You really do get the sensation of flying over the water.
  • Ease of Control: With all the control lines leading back to the cockpit, Corsairs are a surprisingly easy boat to sail. 
  • Corsairs are Fast: All new Corsairs are capable of reaching speeds ranging from 15 knots to over 20 knots. However, they can be quickly adjusted on the fly if you want a mellow sail.
  • Versatility: Corsairs are not just for racers. Many Corsair owners simply enjoy having a boat that is a blast to sail, but is also just as fun to spend a weekend camping on. 

Current Corsair Trimaran Models:

  • Corsair 750 Sprint

    Corsair's 24 ft rocket ship with an extended large cockpit and a racing rig.

  • Corsair 750 Dash

    Corsair's reinvention of their classic F-24 model. Same rig as the Sprint 750, but with a larger interior. A true pocket cruiser. 

  • Corsair 28

    Corsair's C-28 is the larger modern version of their immensely popular first model, the F-27. 

  • Corsair 31

    A powerful 31' version of the Corsair Trimaran that is incredibly rugged. Multiple sailors have done Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic crossing aboard C-31's, and amazingly it can still be trailered like any other Corsair. 

  • Corsair 37

    Corsair's 37' bluewater cruiser and offshore racer.