This Dragonfly 32 comes in a new, modern and dynamic design - setting new standards in both function and design. The perfect combination between family cruising and racing - also offshore. Explore your dreams!

The Dragonfly 32 fills in the gap between the Dragonfly 28 and the Dragonfly 35. The Dragonfly 32 is more like a scaled down Dragonfly 35 though, as the Dragonfly 32 is not trailable like the Dragonfly 28.  The Dragonfly 32 appears in two versions, like the other Dragonfly models - the Dragonfly 32 Touring with standard rig and the more powerful version with a taller rig, the Dragonfly 32 Supreme. The Dragonfly 32 accommodates a crew of 5 to 7 persons.

9.80 m
Beam folded
3.60 m
Max. crew
5-7 people
Max. speed
23+ knots
“At 10-12 knots and 30° to the apparent wind, tacking close to the shore, the Dragonfly gave us a real demonstration! Some monohulls, close-hauled and grinding the winches, were quickly left behind”
Philippe Echelle - Multihulls World