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Helms Yachts sponsored the 2013 Corsair Nationals - San Francisco 

The Corsair US Nationals and Rendezvous was held in the San Francisco Bay Area, from June 13th to 16th 2013. San Francisco and the entire region was buzzing with excitement as we drew closer to hosting the America's Cup and just a few days before we held the Corsair Nationals.

25 boats are joined us for the weekend, making this one of the largest one design multihull events.



The Corsair Harmonic Convergence is Coming!

There is an anomally that takes place every July, on Lake Tahoe, where all the stars and planets align just right. Just ask anyone who has been there, and they will tell you it is for the mother of all Corsair parties. That's right we are only a few short months away from this year's Harmonic Convergence! 

The event takes place the same week as the Trans-Tahoe Race, which is held on July 9th. For more information please contact our good friend and Corsair 24 owner Ed Straub at edsailnski@aol.com. Below we have attached a great informational video about the event that Ed has put together. So make your plans now and see you there!