Seawind Catamarans

Seawind Catamarans have stellar reputation for their impeccably solid construction, and nimble sailing abilities. They are a remarkably rugged, comfortable, and safe bluewater cruising catamarans. In fact, two of the Seawinds we have sold were to couples that took delivery at the factory in Australia, and sailed their boats all the way back to San Francisco. What other catamaran under 40' would you feel safe doing that in? So come take a look at a Seawind for yourself and get sailing!

Advantages of a Seawind Catamaran: 

  • Sails Flat and Smooth: Unlike traditional monohull sail boats, the Seawind is a catamaran so it does not heal much at all. Instead, you feel as if your sailing on rails. Even in rough waters Seawinds feel very stable. 
  • Unmatched Construction: Seawinds are strong rugged boats, and yet are actually quite light. They are made by skilled craftsman boat builders in Australia, and each boat takes months to complete. The time and effort put into these boats really shows. 
  • Safety: There are a countless number of ridiculous rumors about catamarans that are simply not true. Seawinds have a remarkable safety record. With the hundreds of Seawind 1000's out sailing, not one has lost its mast at sea or been capsized
  • Visibility: Seawinds have full wrap around windows up top which gives both the helmsman, crew, and passengers a great 360 degree view of their surroundings. 
  • Sails Great: This is not your typical floating box like many catamarans out there. We became interested in Seawinds because they have the comfort and space you expect from a cruising cat, but also sporty and fun to sail. Currently, here in the Bay Area, there are a growing number of Seawind owners that actively race their boats. It's great fun being in a race going 10 kts while grilling up hot dogs on the boat's BBQ.

 Current Seawind Models: